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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 22, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>shepard: it is 3:00 on the east coast, noon at the west coast, in boca raton, florida, ahead of the presidential debate and probably the last time they have a chance to fight for the undecided voters on the national stage. a number of new polls show the race is a dead heat. this holiday season could be a record breaker for online retailers and what it means for the economy. lance armstrong, his fall from grace is now complete. the world cycling body stripped him of seven tour de france titles and banned him for life. all of that ahead unless breaking news changes everything.
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>> first from fox at 3:00 in florida, counting down to the final debate between president obama and governor romney. there is brand new finger-pointing over what the president claims he knew about libya and when. republicans are saying this new report is based on selectively leaked information timed to take the pressure off president obama. according to the reporting of the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. the c.i.a. intelligence briefing pointed to a protest as a possible motive for up to ten days after the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others. republicans have criticized the united states ambassador to the united nations and other officials for saying that the attack likely stemmed from a protest. according to the reporting of the "wall street journal", the c.i.a. daily intelligence updates did not rule it out until accept 22 despite officials at office of the
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director of national intelligence who said by september 15 a protest had nothing to do with the attack. that is the top story. ed henry is live on it. the debate tonight is supposed to be about foreign possibility and the president has been playing a lot of defense on the libya attack. >>reporter: no doubt. foreign policy was to be a slam dunk between getting osama bin laden to the fact that mitt romney has stumbles on the one big overseas trip. you can see in recent weeks this has taken a turn. our latest polling in ohio, for example, who do you trust better to handle foreign policy? the president took a dip from september to now because of the terror attack, from 53 percent to 49 percent and mitt romney going up two points. in florida, the president dipped from 52 percent to 47 percent, and mitt romney rising from 43 percent to 46 percent in the
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sunshine state. and senator graham said it is all about the terror attack. >> what happened in benghazi is a case study in failure at every phase, before, during and after. what they did after the attack is, i think, absolutely unacceptable. they tried to confuse, delay, and deny, and create a narrative it was a spontaneous event. it was not. >>reporter: republicans have focused the attacks on libya, there is a host of other global hot spots that will come up from iran to syria the future of russia and china. this could cover the gamut. >>shepard: the president can point to a lot of successes especially osama bin laden. >>reporter: starting with that. you talk about winding down the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the country has gone through a lot of fatigue, money, treasure and blood spilled over the wars. when you talk to top democrats like senator durbin they say the
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democrats have a good case to make. >> the president has been a strong and steady leader. we have responsibly ended the war in iraq. we are going to end the war in afghanistan. al qaeda is a shadow of its former south. osama bin laden is moldering in a watery grave and we put enough pressure on iran with the sanctions so they cannot develop a nuclear weapon and they want to talk. >>reporter: we have seen mitt romney rise for handling foreign policy and who the american people trust is being on the same stage with the president over the last couple of debates. that has raised the stature, people had not seen him in that lot. a top democratic strategist thinks the democrat will win the debate it is clear from the first two mitt romney is not intimidated by the president. that is something that surprised president obama in the first debate. he will have to bed.
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>>shepard: thank you, as the candidates gear up for the final debate, the latest poll shows the race is dead even. president obama and governor romney tied at 47 percent according to the national survey of likely voters from nbc-wall street journal. a month ago, president obama held a slight slide. if you watched last week's debate, you saw it got heated. both candidates interrupted the other, challenging the him radar and invading each other's personal space. tonight will be less tense. president obama and governor romney will be seated at a table with the moderator who tonight is from cbs "face the nation." because the candidates are sitting down does not mean it will be completely civil. >>carl: i would not count on that. they are talking about international affairs and diplomacy matters.
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neither wants a signal that could be taken by overseas allies or, perhaps, used as criticism by overseas adversaries. the idea that sitting next to each other can stop the charging , was belied by biden and ryan. it does not stop that. in terms of expectations mitt romney appears to have won the expectations race for lower expectations. it was a double digit advantage for president obama in the first and romney won. in the second the president was according to most polls, viewers expected the president to win and it was close to a tie. this time, too, because it is foreign policy and mitt romney does not have the experience of the incumbent commander in chief, expectations are lower but he has the opportunity to play to that by going after the president's policies and what he calls "failures" just compared
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to the president's policies and mitt romney will say the president has been too soft on iran and is not supportive enough of jewish state and has thrown its prime minister, binyamin netanyahu, under the bus. that will be played out tonight. both are looking not to appear undiplomatic in their criticism of each other. >>shepard: what is the thinking whether governor romney is at a disadvantage because of the lack of foreign policy experience? >>carl: after tonight we are down to two weeks of sprinting so it is unlikely the foreign policy debate after tonight and the analysis of it for the next 24 hours will lose its shelf life. then it is a ground game sprint. over the course of the last week there is softening for romney in iowa and nevada and colorado.
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that is where mitt romney will go, to those states, to shore up his support there. for the remaining week and a half toward the end of this week, the sprint to election, watch the majority of both candidates' time focused on ohio, virginia, and little bit of florida but ohio where the race will probably town. >>shepard: every commercial break during football all day yesterday every break was the candidates, it was like ping-pong. >>carl: the only thing that interrupts the ads is the occasional ad for a local congressional race but it has been an absolute blitz. more than $180 million of ad spending in florida since the race began. here, though, it is oppressive. nothing like ohio where the population is smaller and they have the same amount. so, far, far more of a blitz in
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the buckeye state. the rest of the country has no idea what it is like to see the political ads every spot. >>shepard: i was watching our fox station here in south florida last night, my goodness, they must be making big bucks. now, we have a reporter for the live from capitol hill. foreign policy tonight. >>guest: this is an interesting testimony for romney who centered the campaign around the economy, making an economic appeal. he has had a window opened through the events that transpired in libya. now, he had a chance to go after the president on libya in the last townhall debate but as we remember there was, it was muddled when he tried to talk about how to characterize the act and whether obama talked
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about it in terms of terrorist attack. that was lost. mitt romney's chance this time will be a little bit more clear, of course, and he will try to tie foreign policy to his broader economic appeal. the romney campaign has said the obama ads, we will see if they make national security an economic issue. >>shepard: a number of avenues to travel. a couple republican strategists say libya is an issue with which ratcheting up the last month. understandably so. there were concerns among the strategists that governor romney doesn't overdo it organization overstep to the point it almost feels like bullying where there are dead americans in this situation. >>guest: he has to make the case that he wants to be or can
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be commander in chief. we saw in the last debate through the libya exchange, president obama made that case pretty clearly. that is the point we saw him, perhaps, most impassioned when he told romney that you don't know what it is like to be president. i'm president. i am doing this right new. that is also romney's task to appear commander in chief-like, or presidential, but not seem like he doesn't know what he is talking about or seems to be attacking the current commander in chief too fiercely. >>shepard: thank you from capitol hill. great to see you. thank you. >>shepard: coverage of the final presidential debate starts before 9:00, the normal time spot of hannity. bret baier and megyn will lead our coverage on fox news tonight at 9:00 eastern, 8:00 in oxford. we have more ahead on the debate and we will speak with
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representatives from each campaign about the big issues from iran's nuclear program to europe's economic problems. also more than a year before the consulate attack in libya the obama administration made an important decision about libya's future. that choice means the president is ultimately responsible for what happened in benghazi. remember the "not war" in libya? the judge will get into that. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: live from lynn university, ahead of the final presidential debate, often lost in the back-and-forth over the deadly attack in libya, is the united states decision last year to help the rebels overthrow muammar qaddafi? a number of analysts have
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suggested the u.s. led airstrikes helped create the instability plaguing libya now. joining success our senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano. i remember this time last year we called libya the not wore because it was the war that was not a war that we were not going to do anything with the war and each day it seemed there was a little bit more going on in the not war and finally it was a war and we were doing things and now it is biting them on the butt. >>judge napolitano: you may recall the president announced while the congress was on spring break, he decided to participate in the bombing of libya and there would not be any boots on the background, which i meant there won't be any active duty military on the ground, there were military in the skies in the planes that were bombing and intelligence officers on the ground, guiding the pilots in the skies as to where to bomb. as a result of that bombing, we, the united states of america, without a declaration of war by the congress, in an effort to
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join the european elite and the militias that were trying to get rid of qadaffi, destroyed him and his government, destroyed his military, destroyed the national police, destroyed the national intelligence forces, destroyed the local police, and infrastructure. is it any wonder some of us have argued, shep, that the so-called rule of law in libya is now the rule of roving gangs of militias, one of which killed our ambassador and his likely intelligence agency colleagues? >>shepard: this sounds like "blame america" policy that you don't normally want hung on your own neck. >>judge napolitano: well, this is a "blame the obama administration" for --. >>shepard: that is america. >>judge napolitano: that is the president of the united states making a decision that not is in the best interests of the united states or in the best interests of peace long term in the middle east because he was
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wanted by the same intelligence agencies whose warnings he is looking the other way from, now, that the people who would take over from colonel muammar qaddafi were the same people we had been fighting against in afghanistan and iraq, sure enough, one of the first things they did africa deaf -- after muammar qaddafi was killed was open up the jails and who came snout some of the people we sent back from guantanamo bay. two weeks from election day things are getting worst more we learn. >>shepard: interesting take on that. we would like your feedback on that, go to one of our feedback forums. the malls could be less crowded this year for holiday shopping bonos because we are not going to spend money. the analysts expect a good showing and help from the economy. it is an online season coming. new information about the shooting spree at the day spa that could give clues about the
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>>shepard: if you watched the news over the weekend, it was brutal. a day after police say a gunman opened fire outside a spa in milwaukee, the guy doing the shooting, his wife, was among the dead. the medical examiner confirmed that today. the suspect's wife worked at the spa. an ongoing domestic dispute triggered the shooting where four were killed and four
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wounded. it brought the difficult of brookfield wisconsin to a standstill. a nearby shopping center was on lockdown. they found the suspect's body inside the two story spa hours after the shooting first happen ed. this was the latest in a line of deadly attacks in wisconsin. a gunman killed seven in 2005 at a hotel church service in breakfield and in augusta self-proclaimed white supremacist unleashed a shooting rampage less than an hour from brookfield killing himself and six others. now, from the midwest news hub, we are learning that the couple at center of the shooting yesterday was in the middle of a hostile divorce. at the spa, 2 1/2 weeks were where mrs. haughton worked, her
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husband who she was getting divorce from, radcliffe how tan was seen punctureing a tire if her car. she filed a complaint and got a restraining order for four years. in the retraining order, she said her husband had threated to show as inside her face and set her on fire with gasoline in an attempt to right the wrongs he thought were done to him because he believed she was having an affair. >>shepard: the suspect talked with a college professor about the divorce, i understand. >>reporter: he had a job saling cars which he lost and he was trying to get in a nursing program, and an anatomy professor thought he showed promise but he was unable to finish exams recently and the professor thought the student was in danger of dropping out. >> he called me on the verge of tears. a that point, i tried to get him some help to do what we called a
12:25 pm
retention order but we need to get an okay and he changed his mind and he looked sad. at that point, i gave him a big hug. >>reporter: it was after that radcliffe turned in the incomplete exam, the last time the professor saw that student. until the picture circulated on television yesterday. >>shepard: thank you from chicago, steve brown. could be a record holiday season to online retailers with fedex expecting to ship, rather, handle the shipping of 280 million deliveries between thanksgiving and christmas, a big jump of 14 percent last year. this comes during a slow down in the global economy and because of that, fedex executives say the situation could get worse next year and they are planning to make big cuts. now gerri willis, what is
12:26 pm
driving all of this business? >>gerri: the holidays and online shopping, in doubt. it will be up big time this year up 16 percent to $55 billion. nothing seems to be holding people back from shopping with big changes afoot and insays december 10 is the big day when the so-called green monday when everyone tries to get the last-minute online shopping done, and get the presidents -- presents there on time. >>shepard: fedex is hiring big time for the holidays? >>gerri: they are hiring 20,000 workers. we will get another report when ups reports tomorrow hiring 55,000 last year. a lot of people are coming on board for the holiday season. >>shepard: thank you. see you tomorrow. one of syria's next door neighbors is experiencing some of their worse violence since the deadly civil war began well over a year ago. we will hear from officials about the ripple effects across
12:27 pm
the middle east next. continuing coverage of the third and final presidential debate. we will hear from supporters and advisors from both campaigns how their candidates are tackling foreign policy on the democratic side. retired general clark will join us next and the republican side right after that as we approach the bottom the hour and the top of the news like this afternoon from beautiful boca raton. , ok.. little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix
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bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news like this afternoon from boca raton. the lebanese military fighting to restore calm after the assassination of an official sparked violent protests. sectarian clashes have killed five people. the bomb attack occurred in beirut that killed a top intelligence official who was critical of syria's in lebanon. the attack killed seven others and injured many more when parents were picking up their kids from school. lebanon and syria has a long history of dense and syria has a civil war that led to the deaths of 30,000 people. jonathan, officials say like everyone else, they are concerned lebanon could spiral into real violence. >>jonathan: they have a long history of violence. syria has a long history of interfering. at times, they have promoted
12:32 pm
violence across the border in lebanon. president assad of syria has a number of reasons to want to do that, to distract attention from what he is doing to his own people inside syria. that is why the lebanese army was out in force in beirut and other lebanese cities today trying to keep calm. that is request u.s. officials are appealing to everyone in lebanon on every political side to work together. >> all of lebanon's political leaders need to work together, need to address the concerns over the attack, that there is an investigation underway and we will look to the results of the investigation. we would urge calm, also. >>jonathan: the united states is sending an f.b.i. investigation team to look to the car bombing that killed a senior lebanese intelligence official. >>shepard: this is concern jonathan, that lebanon would be the scene for a proxy war with
12:33 pm
so many drums around the middle east. >>jonathan: if lebanon exploded everyone will have a dog in that fight. a lot of this has to do with the religious makeup in lebanon. 27 percent are sunni muslim, 27 percent are shia muslim and 21 percent are maronite christians. hezbollah is included in there, so if you get chaos in lebanon, the best organized group, the best play to take advantage of that, is hezbollah, who, of course, are not just allies of president assad in syria but are proxies of the iranian government and hezbollah is strong in the south of lebanon which just happens to border israel. so, all of this could mean a major problem if it gets out of criminal. >>shepard: jonathan, thank you from new york. many analysts say president obama could have been able to
12:34 pm
claim the edge in foreign policy issues. at least before last month's attack in benghazi which left our ambassador to libya and three other americans dead. now we seeing how the obama administration's response to the attack may have changed some voters' mind with president obama's lead narrowing in battleground streets of ohio and florida. we have retireed general wesley clark, who ran for himself on the democratic side in 2003. sir, if you were advised him, and you is done this before, how would you suggest to the president that he should fight back against the attacks, regarding the attack in benghazi. >>guest: you have to look at the big picture. president obama has been commander in chief, had a very successful foreign policy, we are out of eastbound, we have a -- out of iraq.
12:35 pm
>>shepard: but benghazi. >>guest: you have to mutt it in perspective. look, this debate tonight is about governor romney's lack of credibility in foreign affairs. >>shepard: excuse me, i don't mean to interrupt, but this is the point i believe governor romney may go with and i wondered your advise to the president, when governor romney says you sent susan rise and said this was about a video and continue to say it is about a video and we know that the intelligence knew better, so what is the strategy to get beyond that? >>guest: the strategy is to look at the big picture. >>shepard: ignore that? the governor will not do that. >>guest: we have one man who has been a successful commander and chief and the other has no experience in foreign policy and the last trip abroad was a disaster public affairs wise in britain, israel, and poland so governor romney has not shown he was handle the responsibility.
12:36 pm
>>shepard: if the president focuses on that, and governor romney comes back and says, i may not have had foreign policy but i didn't go on a campaign trip the day after our ambassador was killed and said it was something that it wasn't,,000 do you attack that? >>guest: in terms of what happenedded, -- happened, the record is clear. the facts are being unrivaled. >>shepard: we know from intelligence that it was a terror attack, even when rice was telling us about something. >>guest: the best information we have is it wasn't nope. she went right off the talking points and came from the intelligence community. >>shepard: that is not true. >>guest: you may have one intelligence report but that is raw intelligence. >>shepard: you think that is the avenue he will take? >>guest: i don't think so. i am responding to you. the president needs to talk
12:37 pm
about the big picture. any american voter who would be swayed by an attack on the benghazi embassy, tragic as it was, into change his view of american foreign policy, look, that is just not, that is just not the right measure of four queers. the president has been right on iraq, he has been right on afghanistan, he got rid of osama bin laden, nobody cares more about the security of the american people and the embassies than president obama. he has shown it repeatedly. so, this is an effort by a man who doesn't have any experience and a party that wants to pretend it is the roughest, toughest guys on the block to try to seize the advantage from an episode that is regrettable. it is not the right measure when comparing foreign policy. the truth is, president obama has been very robust on foreign policy and in contrast, governor romney's never come up with a
12:38 pm
policy that is any different from anything obama has said on afghanistan, he said let's get out and then he said let's stay in. on iraq he could not make up its mind. >>shepard: i will ask the other side about those specific things and i appreciate you joining us. that is the word from the obama campaign. we we will check with a representative from the romney campaign. i will ask the representative from that camp about those questions and how to handle foreign policy coming up as we report live from boca raton.
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>>shepard: 19 minutes before the hour. the polls show president obama has lost some ground in foreign policy recently but he has the lead on that issue which puts the pressure on both candidates in the third and final debate. we heard from the obama campaign and general clark. now, former lt. governor of state of massachusetts is with us, serving under governor
12:42 pm
romney. great to see you. we talked to general clark about this matter of libya. he says, look, you can't judge the foreign policy of a president based on one incident and it has been very successful. and romney camp would say? >>guest: there are two points to be made. first, you cannot judge it on one incident but there were troubles across the middle east at the time this occurred around september 11. what was unique about this, this is a terrorist attack. what you can say is the american people have the trite know if our country is under attack by terrorists. if he was suggesting in the last debate, if president obama did, in fact, know there was a terrorist attack he should have been open with the american people and said that. >>shepard: there was in worthsmith going on there, and some i would say he did not say it was a terrorist attack and
12:43 pm
susan rice had the best available information at the time. >>guest: we both saw the debate it seemed to me like president obama was trying to put forward that he did know and he had mentioned that at that time and that sets up a very troubling situation because susan rice said on the talk shows it was attributed to a video that enraged muslim. and we know it was not. and we know two weeks later, president obama himself went there to the well the united nations and gave a speech where he attributed the violence in benghazi to the video in fewer than six times. when, exactly, was he going to tell the american people this was a terrorist attack? >>shepard: general clerk mentioned governor romney has had multiple positions on afghanistan and beyond. how concerned is the romney campaigns that the lack of experience and in some cases, we hear from general clark and this
12:44 pm
could come back? >>guest: i don't accept that statement. governor romney has always been --. >>shepard: it was said by general clark. >>guest: well, why agree. governor romney has also felt it was not correct to set a date certain for withdrawal as you shipped new troops into the surge, to let your enemy know exactly when you are leaving, that is not a good strategy. that may have made sense for president obama in the united states to assure his supporters politically that he was going to make good on getting the troops back out of afghanistan by the end of his time in office, it made no sense militarily. it was a terrible mistake to have made. >>shepard: some strategists have said a concern is that governor romney may over reach on this matter of libya, in benghazi where an american ambassador was killed for the first time overseas since 1979, he could overdo it here. >>guest: this is a tragedy.
12:45 pm
governor romney always frames the conversation in that way. it is more that it is indicative of the unravelling of the narrative that has been spun by the obama campaign that, in fact, the world is a safer place. we know it is not. we know there was an attempted terrorist attack in new york last week. we know things are not going the way the obama administration hoped. the russian reset is not working and iran is closer to possessing a nuclear bomb. the foreign policy has not been a success. >>shepard: health officials two more people have died fungal meningitis linked to the tainted steroids. we have reported on this for weeks and it is sounding like white noise. 14,000 have received the injections of steroids and 300 have been sickened. so far. it is difficult to predict when the outbreak will be over because the mold that causes the disease is so rare they do not
12:46 pm
know how long it takes to incubate. the centers for disease control if atlanta reports cases across 16 states. jonathan, how rare is this outbreak, jonathan? >>jonathan: these outbreaks are rare but they do happen. we spoke with dr. perfect of duke university and he talks about a smaller but similar outbreak that occurred in 2002 where patients developed arthritis linked to contamination found in the same type of steroid from another compounding pharmacy. listen. >> the biology around the organism coming from those steroids and maybe the anti-inflammatory activists they have a come by nation to make the perfect storm to get into the central nervous system and maybe into the drugs. >>jonathan: dr. perfect says while the cases are, indeed
12:47 pm
tragic, they are a relatively small number compared to the millions of doses of medications that americans are taking from the nation's drug manufacturers and compounding pharmacies. he says in general the process of making the drugs is very safe but that doesn't mean we can't make it safer. >>shepard: in the early going of this outbreak those in charge said if you don't have symptoms you do not need treatment s there any talk of treating people preemptively? >>jonathan: the discussions are ongoing but because the outbreak is so rare the evidence, the science behind it is still in the infancy and doctors are now advising patients to wait until they accept symptoms in most cases. tennessee officials estimate that 95 percent of the people exposed to the potentially
12:48 pm
tainted injections are not going to get sick so the thinking is we don't want to expose all of the patients, all of the hundreds of patients who aren't going to get sick to potentially harmful treatment. the treatment is very radical and involves hospital stays and it can cause liver and kidney damage. the guidance is to wait until you develop symptoms. >>shepard: another nfl team at the center of a cheating scandal, with the players using a banned substance that makes it easier to catch footballs. details ahead and details on what could be lance armstrong's biggest set back yet in the stunning collapse from grace. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: the world cycling body turned lance armstrong into an outcast removing his name from the record books stripping lance armstrong of all seven tour de france tilings and banned him from cycling for life. the organization's president announced that federation accepted the antidoping agency report on lance armstrong that accuses him of leading a huge and complicated doping program. the president says he for longer considers lance armstrong a champion. he stepped down of his charity for cancer fighting and sponsors have cut ties. lance armstrong told a crowd yesterday that the past few weeks have been "very difficult" and urged charity supporters to
12:53 pm
stand behind the mission. new accusations now of cheating in the nfl. according to the reporting of fox sport the league is investigating whether the san diego chargers used an illegal sticky substance last week in the loss to the broncos. players used it to help catch balls but it was banned in the 80's. trace is on this. a fan of the team has been accused. >>trace: well, during a time out an equipment manager came on to the field and he had some kind of a sticky substance in towelled he was handing to the players and a referee tried to get the manager to turn them over and he then refused so they made him empty his pockets and they found a sticky tape which now has been sent to both the broncos and the league for further testing and analysts say if you are going to cheat you should win.
12:54 pm
>> if you are going to go to this much effort you want it show up on the field and monday night football with peyton manning make that come back they look more foolish. cheating and not having the desire to outcome, is like lands lapse -- lance armstrong taking the drugs and finishing in the middle of the pack of the tour de france. >>trace: it is unclear which chargers, if any, had the sticky stuff on their hands. but the way the ball was thrown, there are a lot of questions. >>shepard: what sort of punishment would they get? >>trace: know player was hurt so it depends on whether this was one equipment guide working with a couple of players or if it was an organization-wide. the chargers are cooperating and saying little. some say this could end up costing the chargers a draft
12:55 pm
pick next year. as you said earlier years ago, someone from the raiders wiped this all over the hands and he was called sticky fingers freddie but the man on the left ended up, because he began wiping all over his uniform back in 1981 and that is when the colleague finally banned this stuff all together. cheating is cheating. >>shepard: thank you, trace. >> shooting stars sometimes are fun to watch if they don't hit your house. it has happened. we will get into that as "studio b" continues and at top the hour moments away coverage of the final presidential debate. stay here. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role
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throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. >>shepard: we just got a weird report, the food and drug administration has sent out a notice that it has received reports of deaths, five deaths,
12:59 pm
and a heart attack, that could be associated with this energy drink "monster energy drink." five deaths, a heart attack, since 2009. so we are not sure of the context or how they could be related. but i assure you tonight on the fox report we will let you know. monster energy drink death-related. >> a woman from the san francisco bay area says last week she heard a noise on the roof. it was a chunk of a meteor landing on her home. she did not think anything at first and she read a newspaper article on meteors and looked around and found a rock. the experts at nasa say it is legitimate and it left something on the roof, a dip, so they will call the insurance agent. now the dow, the final bell will ring in three seconds. talk aut


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